Wake County Human Services

220 Swinburne Street
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 212-7000

Child Care Health Consultant Program

The Child Care Health Consultant Program provides on-site health, safety, and nutrition consultation in child care facilities. Registered nurses develop and implement health, safety, and nutrition improvement plans for children who are identified as having developmental concerns/delays or health care needs.

Child Care Subsidy Service

For families earning less than 75% of the state median income, families with children with special needs, and homeless families, the Child Care Subsidy Services provides families with financial assistance for child care. Parent educators and case managers also provide to families information about quality child care, star licensing, child development, community resources, and referrals.

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership is a statewide initiative which addresses the needs of low-income, first-time parents. Locally, the program is based on a national model and has received funding from multiple sources, one of which is Wake County SmartStart.


The social, educational and economic benefits for investing in our future workforce are so clear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a 2010 report saying, "Early childhood education has a tremendous impact on the national viability of the American dream."