Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood

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Secure Path

SecurePath is a comprehensive mental health service for young children in Wake County that is provided at the child's home or preschool. Staff offers mental health assessments, interventions, and therapy for children ages birth to 5 and their parents who need help with their child's social, emotional, or developmental challenges. Services are provided in English and Spanish. SecurePath works to ensure that emotionally at-risk young children with special needs have early intervention services to better prepare them for success in school and life. Services are provided free-of-charge to children age five and younger who have not yet started kindergarten. SecurePath focuses its resources on children and families who do not have insurance coverage or are receiving Medicaid.


The social, educational and economic benefits for investing in our future workforce are so clear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a 2010 report saying, "Early childhood education has a tremendous impact on the national viability of the American dream."