Hilltop Home

Hilltop Home is a private, nonprofit residential center that serves children with severe developmental and medical disabilities.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The organization offers information about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, newborn health, answers questions and provides information on pregnancy and birth defects.

NC Health Choice Health Insurance Program

NC Health Choice provides a comprehensive health coverage program for low-income children whose families who do not qualify for Medicaid, but cannot afford private insurance. Children are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation

This statewide resource offers information about women’s health and how to keep babies safe and healthy. The organization provides information about infant safe sleep practices, child development and publicly funded child health insurance programs. Materials are available at: (English) and (Spanish).

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a program for women of any age who are going to have their first baby. Once enrolled, a specially trained nurse will visit participants in their homes throughout their pregnancy and will continue to visit until the baby is 2-years-old.

Triangle Down Syndrome Network

Triangle Down Syndrome Network (TDSN) is a nonprofit which provides support to children and adults with Down syndrome and their caregivers. TDSN provides a New Parent Book for parents who have received pre- or postnatal diagnoses. TDSN also hosts regular parent support meetings, picnics, holiday parties, teen dances and a monthly mom's night out.

Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities

Founded in 1969, the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities provides educational, residential, therapeutic and family support services to children and adults with special needs.

White Plains Children’s Center, Inc.

White Plains Children's Center is a nonprofit, five star inclusive developmental day childcare center located in Cary, North Carolina.


The development of a child's brain holds the key to the child's future. Although the "first years last forever" in terms of the rapid development of young children's brains, the actual first years of a child's life go by very quickly. So touch, talk, read, smile, sing, count and play with your children. It does more than make both of you feel good. It helps a child's brain develop and nourishes the child's potential for a lifetime.