Financial Assistance for Child Care

Wake County Child Care Subsidy

The Wake County Child Care Subsidy Program provides financial assistance to parents for their child care needs. The child care subsidy is based on an assessment of need, income and family size. If you are eligible, your case manager will assist you in finding a program that meets the needs of your child/children. Parental choice is honored whenever possible. Parental fees are assessed for families who are income-eligible. For more information, contact the program using the information below.

Child Care Subsidy Service, Wake County Human Services, 220 Swinburne Street,Raleigh, NC 27610; Tel: (919) 212-7376

Wake County Pre-K Program
The Wake County Pre-K program is a high-quality program that serves at-risk children and prepares them for success in school. Children served by the Wake County Pre-K program attend a full school day, full school year program that meets high-quality state standards. The program is community based; it is integrated with other early childhood programs in the community and administered at the county or regional level. Children participating in pre-k may be served in classrooms in the public schools, licensed child care centers or Head Start programs.


The development of a child's brain holds the key to the child's future. Although the "first years last forever" in terms of the rapid development of young children's brains, the actual first years of a child's life go by very quickly. So touch, talk, read, smile, sing, count and play with your children. It does more than make both of you feel good. It helps a child's brain develop and nourishes the child's potential for a lifetime.