Success Stories

Our Wake County Community Succeeds When Our Youngest Citizens And Their Families Succeed!

Below is a list of success stories from our partner agencies.

Choosing and Using High Quality Child Care Project, Child Care Services Association

In August, a Child Care Services Association referral counselor received a call from a mother who was desperate for child care. The mother’s three-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with Autism and she could not find a facility to meet her daughter’s needs. The facilities she found that could meet her daughter's needs were far away and the family could not afford the cost of part-time care, about $5,200 annually. A Child Care Services Association counselor shared information with the mom about the NC Star Rating System and customized a search in their database to identify four child care programs that the family could afford; were in close proximity; had small group sizes; listed Autism as a need they were trained to meet; high quality; offered part-time and full-time care. The mother contacted the centers and identified one that would work and was within walking distance. She was elated with her find and has since reported back that she's very happy with the care.

Telamon Corporation, Inc., Raising a Thinking Child

There are many events that happen in one’s life that are remembered for a lifetime. One of these events, shared among countless individuals, is knowledge of parenting skills. Most have this experience and are able to reflect on it with either fond or tragic memories that are shared with friends, family, and colleagues for years to come. For Maria, this moment came in Telamon’s “Raising a Thinking Child” parenting class. Maria, a stay at home mom with three children, realized that she wanted more for her children and she wanted to be a better parent. At the end of the class, Maria was very excited about the skills that she had learned. Maria stated that she learned how to teach her children how to better express their feelings and consider the feelings of others. She also stated, “When children are born, they do not come with a book of instructions under their arms. For that reason, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this class. I learned how to be a better mother through these classes.”

Catholic Charities, Centro Para Familias Hispanas

Eliana came to Catholic Charities as a disheveled, scared young mother, seeking help to make critical life changes for herself and her two young sons. Through months of family support sessions, Eliana got the courage to move forward in her decision to improve her life. With the help of a case manager, Eliana created a plan. Through referral and family support assistance, she brought it to life. Catholic Charities arranged for her and her sons to receive counseling services and arranged for the family to live in a safe shelter. Eliana found employment and was able to move out of the shelter and into permanent housing, a big milestone for her. Today, Eliana takes an active role in parenting. Centro para Familias Hispanas has helped to empower Eliana to make the necessary changes in her life and to provide her sons with a foundation for success.